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Seminar: Category Theory Prof. Gert Smolka, Steven Schäfer, Yannick Forster, Jonas Kaiser, Kathrin Stark, Dominik Kirst



Write-up submission

This is just a reminder that the deadline for the submission of your write-up is tomorrow, September 20th. Please submit by opening a pull request on Github and not by email. You can contact us if you have technical problems.


New Material

We just uploaded the following: Solutions for Sheet 11 | Exercise Sheet 12 | Slides of Talk 12


Sheet 9

We have just published the exercise sheet for talk 9 from Joachim bard.


Talk 6

We just uploaded the exercise sheet for talk 6, as well as the corresponding slides of the talk. Both can be found under Materials.


Exercise Sheet from Session 5 now online

We have uploaded the exercise sheet from Mostafa.


Solution 3 now online

The Solution to the third exercise sheet is now available in the materials section


Solution 4 now online

A first version of the sample solutions for Sarah's exercise sheet 4 is available under Materials.


Sheet 4 -- new version

There is an updated version of sheet 4 available, which fixes a few minor errors in exercise 4.1. The new version can be found under materials.


Exercise Sheet from Session 4 now online

Hi, I just uploaded the exercise sheet that Sarah prepared for her talk on last Wednesday. Please remember to work through at least some of the posed questions. Bring your answers along next week, so that we can have a productive discussion :-) -- the CT team


Solution 2 now online

We just uploaded, with some delay, the solutions to the second exercise sheet.


Exercise Sheet 3 online

We just uploaded the third exercise sheet. -- the CT team


Info Slides from Session 3 online

I just uploaded the info slides from the session yesterday. I also included the remark that your phase 2 presentations should be around 40 minutes. -- Jonas


Exercise Sheet 2 online

We have just uploaded the exercise prepared by the second group of phase 1. You find it under Materials.


Topic Assigments

The topics for Phase 2 have been assigned. Please refer to the Topics page (visible after login) to find out which topic was assigned to you and who your advisor is going to be.

The CT-team