Saarland University Computer Science

Introduction to Computational Logic Prof. Gert Smolka, Dr. Chad Brown

Exam Rules


  • Please bring your ID card and student ID card for identification.

  • Please don't open the exam booklet until you are asked to do so. After you have opened the exam booklet, it is your obligation to check whether it is complete.

  • You may only use the exam booklet that carries your name and matriculation. You have to write the exam on the seat with the number that is printed on your exam booklet.

  • No auxiliary means are allowed. At your desk, you may only have writing utensils, beverages, food, and ID cards. Bags and jackets have to be left at the walls of the lecture room.

  • If you leave the room without turning in your exam booklet, we have to judge it as an attempt of deception.

  • If you need to go to the bathroom during the exam, please turn in your exam booklet. Only one person may go to the bathroom at a time.

  • All solutions have to be put on the right hand side pages of the exam booklet. The empty left hand side pages may serve as draft paper and will not be corrected. No other paper is admitted. You may use a pencil.

  • The exam takes 90 minutes. You can get at most 90 points. The number of points you can get for an exercise thus gives you a hint about how much time you should spend on that exercise. 45 points will suffice to pass the exam.

  • No problem will be graded with less than 0 points.

  • Every attempt of deception will force us to exclude you from this exam and all following exams of this lecture. The University keeps a record of attempts of deception.